Happie Amp 2.0

Happie Amp 2.0

Product videos-click "more info". Comes with 2 headset/lapel mics AND handheld mic.

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Happie Amp 2.0 is the leading portable PA system for entertainers, speakers, and wedding officiants. 2 people can speak at once, internal rechargeable battery, loud enough for up to 400 people!

This model comes with:
Speaker/Receiver with individual volume controls for mics and inputs for your music device, tone, and echo controls, and internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery.
2 belt pack transmitters that can be used at the same time
1 Handheld mic
2 headset mics
2 lapel mics
Power cord (to recharge internal battery or use when plugged in)
2 9V batteries to get you started
Soft carrying case

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Handheld microphone is now included. Great for someone to introduce you or when they ask to borrow your mic.

See review by Bob Tobias, independent product reviewer for amazon products


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Be Sure to purchase the Happie Amp 2.0 Unlimited Warranty - Unheard of coverage for your investment!

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Happie Amp 2.0 SKU UPC Model

Loud, crisp, reliable

Sep 01, 2013 by Rick Sherman

I've done over a hundred shows with my trusty Happy Amp, for audiences of up to 300. I recommend it without reservation!

Wedding Wonder!

Aug 27, 2013 by Rev. Judith Guasch

As a full-time wedding Officiant, I use my amp ALL the time, every weekend, year-round! I cannot tell you how many DJ's have asked me where I got it and for the website info. It is FANTASTIC if you want to be heard, but not have a huge ugly piece of equipment showing up in all the wedding photos. I'm pretty sure some of those same DJ's have since purchased their own Happie Amps as well. My couples love the fact that their guests can hear the ceremony in perfect clarity, right down to their sniffs of joy when they choke up mid-ceremony.

Don't leave home without it

Aug 24, 2013 by Tim

This is a no brain-er! If you use sound in your shows, or need to be heard, this is the Amp for you. I own 2 of them, and always have at least one with me at all times. This will make you look like a full-time pro, even if you do this part time.

Wouldn't Do A Show Without It

Aug 24, 2013 by Blaise Carlisle

I own two Happie Amps, and while one of usually more than enough, two is great for some of the noisier crowds. An amazing amp, and Brian has incredible customer service :)

Best amp ever

Aug 24, 2013 by Steph beach

Truthfully, we had bought an amp from guitar Center.
It worked great but it was a little bit too big. a little too complex and a little too bulky.
So we found out about happie Amp,returned the guitar center one and never looked back.
It's super portable, has a good battery charge and has its own Mics.
The sound can fill an entire school auditorium.
You cannot do better than this happie amp
Stephanie Beach

Great value for the money

Aug 24, 2013 by Ernie Guderjahn

35 years as a working variety performer, fairs, festivals, trade shows, corporate parties. On the road and someone stoled my sound system... found a Happie Amp in a local magic show. I was worried about the cheap price but bought the unit.... very glad I did. It exceeded my expectations and now I carry one with me as an emergency back up unit. You should too.

Happie Amp is a happy wonder!

Aug 23, 2013 by Rev Robin Hannon

Cudos to this small but powerful amp! I can't tell you how many times this has not only saved my voice, but carried the day, particularly outdoor. Happie Amp is a small happy little wonder!

Total Pleasure with Happie Amp

Aug 23, 2013 by John Frazzini

So I bought one...that was several years ago. Do I use it....are you kidding, I use it at almost every one of my shows. From the smallest show where I only need music amplification to larger shows where my remote microphone is critical to making sure that everyone can hear my jokes...they are very funny indeed.

I will be using my Happie Amp forever!

Aug 23, 2013 by Kathleen Bell

I was given a Happie Amp when I started training to perform weddings. It's so awesome that I bought another one. People come up to me to marvel at the quality of the sound coming from such a small amp. I always tell them about Brian and his service, which is as good as his amps.

Five Star Accessory

Aug 23, 2013 by Juggles

When I went full time I needed a reliable, strong, adaptable PA system. I asked all my friends. Hands down this is the system of choice. I bought it and I am more than delighted. Being tech challenged, this is not complicated. I called the office and they were happy to walk me through any question I had. I whole heartedly endorse this product.

5.0 5.0 21 21 I've done over a hundred shows with my trusty Happy Amp, for audiences of up to 300. I recommend it without reservation! Happie Amp 2.0