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I need a sound system that is portable, reliable, loud, and produces a clear sound.  I met the owner of Happie Amps and he was kind enough to provide me with a sample to try out.  At the time I was dubious, mostly because of its appearance and country of origin.  After using it for a few shows, have switched to impressed, based on how it performs and the support the company provides to  its customers.

See the video-  sound comparison to Fender Passport

The system is loud.  It will easily fill an auditorium with hundreds of people without distorting.   Perhaps more importantly, the sound is clear.  I’ve provided a comparison to the system I normally use, a Passport P-10W with an upgraded speaker.


One thing that really impressed me was that I needed to work hard to get any feedback.  (Assuming you want to avoid feedback, this is a good thing.)  I had to turn the volume way up, stick my head directly in front of the speaker, and say something before there was any.  (This is not an experiment I would care to repeat.)


Another place where this company excels is in the support they provide.  I received an email shortly after registering it that I could get an unlimited replacement warranty for $40 per year.  The thing is it covers any damage  (accidental or on purpose) with no deductible, full replacement, and they pay to ship the (brand) new unit to me.  (In the interest of full disclosure, they will only replace the rechargeable battery once a year.)


Speaking of rechargeable batteries, the recharger is built into the amp.  To charge it all I have to do is open a small panel on the back, pull out the AC cord, and plug it in.  There’s no separate charger to worry about and I can also run the amp off wall power if I choose.  There is even a place inside the amp to recharge a 9V battery that’s used in the body pack.  (Personally, I prefer regular batteries and just toss them out after every other show.)


There’s tons of additional features like individual volume controls for the wireless mic, a second mic, and an MP3 player.  I’m using the [[Ultimate Control]] which I also like and will be reviewing separately.  You can extend the built in antenna to increase the range of the wireless mic and I’ve never had to.  Finally, it comes with a functional carrying case that includes ample capacity for the wireless headset, an additional mic, and the Ultimate Control.  (It’s not a heavily padded case and with the unconditional replacement warranty, it doesn’t need to be.)


This is an outstanding value in a sound system.  Even if you already have a system, perhaps one that is even better than this one, it is a small price to pay to have a reliable backup on hand.

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